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Sponsor Profile: American Express

The second piece in our series of sponsor profiles comes from American Express. The article below was written by Holly Guzman ('12)

American Express is a global services company, providing access to products, insights and experiences that enrich lives and build business success. This blog entry will provide you with a rich understanding of the company and how to best prepare for the recruiting process if you are interested in a marketing role at American Express. In order to gather this information, I have interviewed Booth alumna, Lindsay Loyd, who is currently serving as Director of Acquisition Strategy & Planning for Consumer Cards at American Express.

Lindsay Loyd joined American Express in 2007 after graduating from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. She worked as a Manager, then a Senior Manager, on partnership marketing for the Global Commercial Card business. In August 2010, she was promoted to Director of Acquisition Strategy & Planning for the Consumer Card business. Prior to business school, she worked at Capital One as a data and financial analyst. Originally from the Pacific Northwest and a proud Washington State University alumna, she now lives in Hoboken NJ with her husband, Adam Berkowitz (also a Booth 2007 grad), and their 11 month old daughter, Marissa.

Holly Guzman: Why did you choose to work for American Express?

Lindsay Loyd:

- Great Brand. American Express has a reputation of delivering high quality services and it delivers on its brand promise.

-Location. NYC is a fun, diverse city.

- Great place for a marketing career. Marketing comes to life at American Express through the various projects you will work on. The things you work on go to market quickly. Also, you can get exposure to consumer marketing, B2B marketing, international marketing, partnership marketing, digital marketing, etc. all under the same roof.

HG: Please tell us about Leadership Express.

LL: Leadership Express is a year-long program for the incoming class of recent hires, who have just received their Master’s degrees. Leadership Express includes classes such as card economics, networking events, a speaker series featuring senior leaders, and leadership training sessions such as executive presence. The programming is spread out throughout the year. Leadership Express allows new hires to create a network of peers and leaders across various business units, which is critical when working at American Express, a highly collaborative company. A solid network will help you succeed in your current role and find your next role.

HG: What does success look like at American Express?

LL: You must be willing to embrace change and think strategically. Put yourself in the shoes of your manager and be proactive in meeting their needs. Stay up to date on what is going on in the company, the industry and in the world. Be transparent and be consistent in delivering results. Be able to influence and drive results through other people, especially via people in other groups who likely have different agendas. Find a way to make your objective a shared objective.

HG: How do leaders prepare you for your development?

LL: Mobility is a constant topic of conversation at American Express. Your manager will help you navigate your career by giving you ongoing feedback and helping you work on areas of development. Managers will give you projects focused on the skills that you need for the next position you are interested in at American Express. In addition, they will help you connect with peers and leaders for informational interviews in your target area of interest.

HG: Now that you are in a more senior position, how has your role changed?

LL: The focus is now more on leading the team and delegating. In my current role, I must have a vision and strategy, while also getting buy-in from my stakeholders. I must find a common objective to ensure results around my goals.

HG: What are some Booth resources that helped you prepare for your interview with American Express?


-Practice interviews, and lots of them! I practiced with friends (first years and second years), Career Advisors, at Winterview, in a mirror, and in my car while driving from Lakeview down to campus. Mock interviews are crucial.

-Marketing Group- The group hosts mock interviews where alumni and students will conduct a practice interview that will not impact your candidacy.

HG: What are some interview tips you received while at Booth?


- Know your top 3 ”stories” inside and out, and how you can adapt them to answer a wide variety of behavioral or fit questions. These stories should highlight how you influence people, strategic thinking and cross- functional skills. You never want to walk out of an interview without telling your 3 strongest stories!

- Speak to current employees, particularly recently alumni who have also interned at the company. Ask them specific questions that may help you understand what skills the company is looking for. That way you can highlight your transferrable skills.

- Try out some products to get first hand experience.

HG: For those interested in marketing, what are some classes you recommend?


- Middlebrooks, Developing New Products and Marketing of Services

- Data Driven Marketing

- Entrepreneurship classes such as Building the New Venture and New Venture Lab

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