Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sponsor Profile: BCG

Over the next few weeks, we plan to bring you a series of profiles on Booth alums currently working for a number of our sponsors. Today, we'll kick things off with Lindsay Hagan ('10). Lindsay was a co-chair of the Marketing Group from April 2009-March 2010, and currently is currently a consultant with Boston Consulting Group. Lindsay took some time to fill out answer some questions about marketing, the Marketing Group, Booth, and herself. Thanks for Mary Xu ('12) for working with Lindsay to prepare this post.

Q: Why are you interested in Marketing?
Lindsay: I love that it requires a combination of highly analytical thinking and creativity. I was also a psych major in college, and I love studying consumer behavior.

Q: Favorite Marketing Group event?
L: Hard to pick just one! I've attended the conference three years in a row now, and it is always fantastic.

Q: Favorite Marketing Class?
L: Tie between Developing New Products and Services with Professor Middlebrooks and Pricing with Professor Dube - both highly recommended.

Q: What one piece of advice would you give to first-years?
L: There are always amazing Lunch and Learns, speakers, etc. (especially ones the Marketing Group brings in) - be sure to take advantage.

Q: What is your favorite product?
L: Westin Hotels (using product loosely here) - consistently good business travel experience (got to love the heavenly beds).

Q: What is your favorite brand?
L: Starbucks: where else could I get a suger-free cinnamon dolce soy latte (not to mention not be judged for ordering it)?

Q: Any hobbies outside of work (when you have "time")?
L: Trying new restaurants, running (marathons and half marathons), tennis

Q: Do you have any secret talents?
L: Word games (more of a secret obsession than talent).

Q: Best thing most people don't know about Chicago?
L: Northerly Island is great for running, biking, etc.

Q: Best and worst parts of living and working in the greater Chicago area?
L: Best: the food, cost of living, lake and summer. Worst: fact that every single bar in the city has a TV

Q: I'd like to sing a duet with...
L: I wouldn't put anyone through that pain.

Q: I always keep my ______ under lock and key.
L: Laptop

Q: ______is the bane of my existence.
L: The fact that Gilt Bar, across the street from me, is closed on Sundays

Q: Thing I love most about winter is...
L: Being warm inside when it's freezing outside.

Q: I really miss my ______ right now.
L: iPhone - had to give it up for a work Blackberry.

Q: The place I am dying to visit is...
L: Morocco

Q: The last thing I bought on sale was...
L: Loeffler Randall booties

Q: _____ is playing on my iPod right now.
L: Stereo Love by Edward

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